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France 2013: Busy Bees

DMIS 5th grade students are currently on their annual trip to Auvillar, France — this will be our 15th year visiting the town.


Thanks to the wonderful host families here in Auvillar, our kids came back to school this morning with a lot of positive stories. From visiting castles to experiencing the honey museum, going to the Space City in Toulouse, to enjoying the celebration of the hazelnuts, going to Rocamadour and driving in the countryside – they couldn’t stop talking about their adventures!

This morning we started with a little briefing in class, and then went out to the center of the village, where we had a guided tour waiting. We learned about religious conflicts that led the city to build walls for protection, as well as how houses were built in the Middle Ages. We also learned about the central market, where grains used to be sold, and how they used to be weighed (as there was no standard unit of measurement at the time). After all that outdoor activity, we went into the village church and later visited a pottery museum.

Lunch was great – a mixed salad with blue cheese and croutons served with stuffed veal scallops with prune sauce, couscous, cheese and apple – and recess was even better.

In the afternoon we went to the kindergarten building, where we spent some time in company of an “apicultor,” or beekeeper. We learned the process of making honey and got a lot of information on queen bees, their habitat and diseases that can affect the beehive.

That was followed by a music lesson with Sylvain, who is the music specialist.

More to follow soon!

Edith Riedel and Marco Volcker


  1. Very, very cool!

    • OMG! Can these big kids be the little ones I had in 1st grade???!!! Miss all of you so much! Amusez-vous bien en France!!

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