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Yun Doyle

Mandarin Program Coordinator

Lead Teacher, Grade 5


YDOYYun Doyle has a bachelor’s degree in education from Huazhong Normal University in China and master’s degree in business administration from Napier University in Scotland. Before coming to ISD, Yun taught Mandarin Chinese through the Great Wall Chinese Academy and Confucius Classroom. In China, Yun taught Wuhan Horticulture College and also worked as the Youth Leader for Wuhan Central Government. She has worked for international companies in Beijing and Shanghai where she developed management and training strategies and instructed training programs. In her free time, Yun likes travelling, she is a semi-professional photojournalist who has published several articles with Chinese magazines. Yun has also received numerous awards for public speaking and has even been a radio hostess.


Ou Bai

Lead Teacher, Kinder 2


OBAIOu Bai is originally from Beijing, China. She has an Associates ECE degree as well as a Bachelor’s degree. She has 14 years of teaching experience, including 7 years in Beijing International Schools and 3 years in public schools before she embarked on her international teaching career, including 2 years in the Middle East. She also taught for two years at Global Village Academy in Aurora before joining ISD. Ou likes to engage children through games, music and art in ways that help children develop skills in all fields. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, cooking and travelling.



Chang-Tsui “Tracy” Chang

Lead Teacher, Kinder 2

CCHAChang-Tsui, or “Tracy” Chang, 
is originally from Taiwan. She received a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Metropolitan State College of Denver, where she also received an additional certification in Early Childhood Education. Before coming to ISD, she was an art teacher for two years in a Montessori preschool. Tracy has seven years of teaching experience and working with young children.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and son who is enrolled in the Mandarin program at ISD.



Shuo Chen

Lead Teacher, Grade 2


scheShuo Chen was born and raised in Tianjin, China. After graduating from university in China with a bachelor’s degree in Russian, she worked at a Russian translator. She moved to Colorado four years ago where she received her master’s degree in special education from the University of Northern Colorado. She attended the GVA Star Talk Immersion Education training in June 2011 and also taught at the Great Wall Chinese Academy.



Hongyan “Violet” Gao

Assistant Teacher, Kinder 3


hgaoViolet Gao comes from China and has been in Colorado for 3 years. She loves this beautiful state and the people here impressed her with their friendly smiles.  Since graduating from University in China with a bachelor’s degree, Violet has taught in school for 10 years. Before coming to ISD, she worked in Primrose School and Denver Chinese School. She loves being with students, talking with them, watching them learn and grow , being touched by them every day. In her spare time, she likes listening to music, cooking, traveling and reading.



Ruijie “Rae” Guo

Lead Teacher, Grade 3; Novice Mandarin Teacher, Grade 8


RGUOOriginally from China, Ruijie Guo holds a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in English Language and Literature with an emphasis on Translation Theory and Practice from Sichuan International Studies University in Chongqing, China. In 2013, she got her master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Denver. Before coming to ISD, she was a Mandarin Chinese teacher at Global Kidz Lab in Centennial, Colorado, and prior to that, she taught Mandarin Chinese at Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary , a participating school of the Confucius Institute at Western Kentucky University. Ruijie has been at ISD since 2013. In her free time, Ruijie likes traveling and photography.


Yuejing He

Lead Teacher, Grade 1


YHEYuejing He she is a native speaker of Chinese. She holds a bachelor’s degree is in teacher education and she also just received her master’s degree in Curriculum Studies and Teaching at Morgridge College of Education at University of Denver in June, 2014.She has worked at Ricks Center for gifted children at DU. She prides herself on being a patient and conscientious person, who really enjoys spending time with children. She enjoys cooperating, sharing ideas, and learning from different cultures. She strives to provide a creative, interesting, and comfortable learning environment for students with her colleagues.


Sherry Lam

Lead Teacher, Kinder 1

SLAMSherry Lam
was born in Taiwan. She has a bachelor’s degree in education and majored in early childhood education. Before coming to ISD in 2008, Sherry taught Kindergarten in Taiwan for seven years. When she first arrived in Denver, Sherry taught at the Colorado Chinese Language School for two years and even served as the assistant principal. In 2009 and 2010, Sherry traveled to Taiwan to complete a 208-hour training program in basic and advanced web design and instruction for Mandarin teachers. Since then, she has joined the virtual world of bloggers and consistently posts class materials and lessons for parents to access online. In her free time, Sherry loves to blog and bake!


Yali Liu Lambott

Assistant Teacher, Kinder 2


 ylamYali Liu Lambott, is from the Henan province of China. She graduated from Henan Staff Medical College and worked in a hospital for about 17 years. She then went on to manage and own a clothing company.While also working part time at a company in  Hong Kong  for health care products of the Henan province branch. Here she was a teacher for a training the department. Later, She opened a preschool academy in China because of her love of children and the joy she felt while spending time with them. She hopes all children are able to grow up happy and have a good education. When she is not teaching, she enjoys traveling, photography, exercising and spending time with her family. She also has a passion for animals. 


Su Li

Lead Teacher, Grade 4; Novice Mandarin Teacher, Grade 7

is originally from Southern China, Hunan, a province that is famous for spicy food. Su holds a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction in a Foreign Language from George Mason University. She received her Virginia State License in teaching Chinese for pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade. Su believes in integrating culture into the curriculum. She emphasizes differentiating instructions in the classroom and always has respect for different cultures. In her spare time, she enjoys camping and exploring the mountains in colorful Colorado as well as live music and travelling.



Jie Shen

Lead Teacher, Kinder 3

JSHEJie Shen
is from Nanjing, China. She recieved her bachelor’s degree in Teaching Chinese as A Foreign Language from East China Normal University. Afterwards, she graduated from the University of California – Los Angeles with a master’s degree in Social Science and Comparative Education. She is new to Colorado, but not new to teaching children. Before ISD, she was a lead Chinese immersion teacher and team leader at the kindergarten level in Global Village Academy Northglenn. Jie Shen has also worked with kids in mountainous area of China, kids with learning disabilities and students from diverse backgrounds and of different age brackets. Outside of school, she is a committed volunteer, painter and animal lover.


Margaret Tobin

Assistant Teacher, Kinder 1

MTOBMargaret Tobin
was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan.  After completing business school and working for several years in the business world,  she moved to the U.S. in 1990. Margaret worked in the Cherry Creek School District and at Herzl RMHA on the Denver campus. Before coming to ISD, she taught for two years in the Colorado Chinese Language School, which is where Margaret found her passion for teaching the Chinese language to children. She has been at the International School of Denver since 2010. Growing up in two different cultures has given her an understanding of both Chinese and American societies, and has enabled her to communicate with students from a variety of backgrounds.
 In her free time, Margaret enjoys cooking, hiking and spending time with her family.


Chunzhi Wang

Assistant Teacher, Kinder 2



Chunzhi Wang is originally from Jilin, China. She has been teaching for 28 years, after earning a Bachelor’s of Early Childhood Development from Changchun Normal University. She was a Principal for 3-7  year old students while continuing her teaching position at Changchun Institute of Engineering. she came to the U.S. six years ago to teach Chinese; She taught at the Denver Language School and Global Village Academy before joining ISD. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, dancing and cooking.



 I-Chi Wang

Lead Teacher, Grade 1

IWANI-Chi Wang
is originally from Taiwan and holds a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Literature as a secondary school teacher from the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. She taught Chinese, social studies and was a counselor at Sheng Kung Girl’s High School, also in Taiwan. I-Chi also completed a professional training program in teaching Chinese from the World Chinese Language Association. She has worked at ISD since 2007. Previously, she taught at the Colorado Chinese Language School for eight years and also taught workshops to Chinese Language School teachers. I-Chi is a member of the Colorado Chinese Language Teacher Consortium where she has received additional teaching certificates. Most recently, she completed the Mandarin Teaching Training Program commissioned by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan for Mandarin Teachers in America at the Chinese Language Center in the National Cheng Kung University. In her free time, I-Chi likes to read, listen to music and garden.


Lanyi Wang

Lead Teacher, Kinder 3


lwanLanyi Wang  received her bachelor’s degree from Sichuan Conservatory of Music in 2009. She then received her master’s degree in special education from Bemidji State University in Minnesota. Lanyi has also completed her education training for Startalk in 2011 and 2013, along with classroom management training in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Before coming to ISD, Lanyi taught Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades in Minnesota, Colorado and South Carolina. Lanyi  loves children and sharing knowledge, because she believes that education is one of the most important pillars of society. She integrates culture into the curriculum and incorporates technology in the classroom as much as possible.


Zihang Xu

Advanced Mandarin Teacher, Grades 6-8



Zihang is a native Chinese speaker and studied Chinese Language and Literature for his Bachelor’s degree at the Beijing Normal University Zhuhai campus in China. He has a Master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Southern Illinois University (SIU). He taught Mandarin (K-8th) at Broomfield Academy for two years, and developed Chinese language and culture curriculums for all grade levels. He also encouraged an interactive and communicative learning approach with technology in his classroom. Additionally, he taught undergraduate students English Composition 101 as an Instructor at Southern Illinois University. His experience as a teacher of both English as a Second Language and Chinese as a Foreign Language provides him great opportunities to develop and revise language curriculums. Currently, he is also in the United States Army Reserve as an Interior Electrician.